Player E-mail Address
How to use this site
To find a partner or to enter your own contact information, please follow these steps:
1. In the tournament location menu that then opens, place your mouse on the tournament in which you wish to play.
2. In the calendar menu that then opens, place your mouse on the day of the week on which you wish to play.
3. In the event menu that then opens, place your mouse on the type of event in which you wish to play - Pairs, Teams or KOs.
4. In the masterpoint range menu that then opens, left-click on the masterpoint range in which you wish to play.
5. You will now be at a page containing contact information for people who wish to play in the same tournament, on the same day, in the same type of event, and in the same masterpoint range as the ones you have selected. If you find someone there who looks like a suitable partner, contact them and try to arrange a game. If you don't, then enter your own information by clicking on the "Submit my information" link at the bottom of the page, and hopefully someone will contact you. Be sure to check back frequently, as there will always be new additions to the page. If you wish to indicate that you are eligible for or interested in playing in senior events, please put a capital S in brackets after your name.
6. After you've submitted your information, an e-mail will be sent to you (please check your "Deleted Items" box in case it gets classified as spam) with your "Player Log In Number". If your circumstances change so that you wish to alter the information you entered previously, please use this number to log in on the home page and access your information. Additionally, if you find a partner, please log in and change the "Partner Found" box from "No" to "Yes".