The Star Spangled Banner

5th Maryland Regiment

Volunteer Infantry
Mechanical Volunteers Company.

We are a re-created regiment of Maryland militia which participated at the Battles of Bladensburg and North Point Maryland, during the British Summer, 1814 Chesapeake campaign.


Originally incorporated in 1985 as 3rd Maryland Regiment, Continental Line. Re-incorporated several years later as the "Historic Guild of Maryland, Inc." to include the War of 1812 unit.

Founder and Field Commander for all re-created units is Michael L. Bennett. Administrative officers are elected at the annual business meeting.

Dues: Our unit being inspected.

$25 per year per adult. No fee for children under 16. Dues include periodic newsletters.

We have about 30 members at present, of all ages. Unit members are free to participate in any of the component re-enactment units of the Guild. (3 Revolutionary War units -- line, militia, & 1775 loyalist and this War of 1812.)


The unit schedules bi-weekly musters which all are welcome and encouraged to attend. These cover logistics and business for upcoming events, as well as an opportunity to drill and march as a unit.

Equipment and uniforms:

New members are encouraged to acquire or complete their uniform(s) of choice within the first year. Some uniforms are available for loan from the unit, as are tents and a few unit muskets. We can provide you with complete information. (Some unit members are good tailors.)

Events: Our unit being inspected, against a backdrop of Ft. McHenry with a replica U. S. flag made famous by Francis Scott Key waving in the morning breeze

War of 1812 events in the Chesapeake Bay region, including Norfolk, VA are on the increase. The Star-Spangled Banner Weekend at Ft. McHenry each September will be a highlight. We also have been to Ft. Erie and may add more events outside the Bay region. (RevWar, or AWI, events are principally southeastern Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.)


We strive for authenticity in appearance, drill, etc. before the public; and in competitive musters. But mostly we try to have fun and enjoy what we are doing. We encourage family participation and a quality experience for everyone.

For more information please contact David S. Mallinak by e-mail or phone (301) 779-9486.

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