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War of 1812 Re-enactment Units

The following is provided as an aid to all Military Units who portray the period in time known as the War of 1812. Sutlers are welcome to contact me for other arrangements. If you wish your unit to be listed here without charge, please submit a description of your Unit, suppling a brief history or overview. A contact name IS required along with a phone number, mailing address and if available an e-mail address. Once you are ready to submit details you can contact me by the following means:
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1812: The Forgotten War

Robert Livesay, a professor with Sheridan College, has devote much time over the past two years filming a fantastic movie about the War of 1812. He has also written a number of books, particularly a series of books called "Discovering Canada". Of note here, is the fifth book in this series call "The Defenders" which outlines events dealing with General Isaac Brock, Tecumseh, Sir James Lucas Yeo, Billy Green, Laura Secord, Lieutenant-Colonel de Salaberry and General Drummond.

1812: The Forgotten War is an entertaining experience providing detail footage of many re-enactment battles throughout North America. This 90 minute video is available in VHS Hi-Fi Stereo colour format. Click here for more details and how to order. 1812: TheForgotten War

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